AEON Bank card loan Can I rent a full-time housewife

AEON Bank card loans are bank card loans that are not subject to total volume limits. Therefore, even non-professional housewives receive applications.

Full-time unemployed housewives in principle cannot receive loans with consumer loans or credit card loans which are subject to total volume limits so that only card loans provided by banks can be used. Of course, if you are a housewife who earns part-time income on your own, you can also borrow in consumer finance if you pass the exam.

When using a full-time housewife, her partner must have a steady income. However, there is no need for a partner approval form or income certificate, so there is no need to consult with your husband or worry about disbursement.

If a full-time housewife borrows with an AEON bank card loan, the maximum loan amount is 500,000 yen. If the card loan limit is large, there are several types of millions of yen, so it seems small at first glance.

However, if a full-time housewife whose husband’s income is stable prepares household additions and sudden expenses, ¥ 500,000 might be enough. In addition, the low-interest rates on AEON Bank card loans are a big attraction.
The low-interest-rate setting is also the highest in the card lending industry, so you can reduce the burden of payments after borrowing. Because full-time housewives have no choice but to rely on their husband’s income for payments, it is a big advantage that the interest expense can be reduced as much as possible.

Applications are received via the Internet, postal mail, telephone or counter. Depending on the conditions, the AEON Bankcard loan can be reviewed quickly, and if you already have an AEON Bank account, you will be able to respond to the loan on the same day as soon as possible. Additionally, if you use an AEON bank account for transfer and repayment loans, you can use it at no additional cost.

AEON Bank card loans are not the only card lending company recommended for housewives on the same day. There are several cashing companies that can lend on the same day without a borrower’s account, so find a financial institution that is suitable for you.

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